Shown: Emtek Arts and Crafts Single Sided Deadbolt Oil Rubbed Bronze US10B

Arts & Crafts Single-sided Deadbolt

Finishes (4)
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  • For interior installation and appearance
  • Operated by thumb turn from inside only
  • No cylinder or collar
  • For pricing information, contact any EMTEK® dealer

  • Standard door thickness of 1-3/4". Specify if thicker



Gettin' Crafty

The Arts & Crafts Movement emerged in the late 19th century as a response to industrialization and mass production during the Victorian era. It sought to revive traditional craftsmanship, emphasize the use of high-quality materials, and promote the value of handmade goods in the decorative arts, architecture, and design.

Our Arts & Crafts deadbolt pays homage to this iconic movement in architecture, known for its emphasis on craftsmanship and timeless design. The Arts & Crafts deadbolt beautifully captures the essence of this architectural era with its clean lines, simple geometry, and attention to detail. Available in 4 brass finishes, that can be paired with any rosette and lever or knob combination (craftsman inspired or otherwise!).

Arts & Crafts Collection

Named for the decorative and fine arts movement that began in Britain during the 1850s, Emtek's Arts & Crafts Collection includes hardware in the style of the American Craftsman architectural persuasion. This collection includes: