Shown: Emtek Hammered Egg Knob Oil Rubbed Bronze US10B

Hammered Egg Knob

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  • Can be ordered with any Brass rosette
  • Sold as complete set. Includes Latch and Strike Plate
  • 28 Degree Latch is available for additional charge
  • For pricing information, contact any EMTEK® dealer

Available Functions

  • Single Sided Dummy
  • Thumbturn Privacy Bolt
  • Privacy
  • Passage
  • Dummy

Available Upgrades

  • Concealed Fastener
  • 28 Degree Latch
  • Fits any door between 1-3/8” to 2-1/4" thick with a 2-1/8" bore standard door prep*
  • Standard latch is for 2-3/8" backset. Specify 2-3/4" backset if required

* STRETTO rosette requires a 1-1/4” diameter bore hole and 2-hole door preparation for thumbturn privacy



Classically Eggs-cellent!

We're not going to lie.... we have a lot of eggs-cellent options for you to choose from. But if we're being honest, a classic Egg Knob shape is a great fit for a whole range of interior styles. From the Hammered Egg Door Knob to our Bronze Egg Cabinet Knob, it's a gold standard for a reason. An Egg knob provides a great hand-feel and a simple, no-frills look, whether you need to ground a traditional space or your modern home needs a touch of the traditional.

Hammer It Out

Our hand-hammered technique for door hardware items adds a distinctive touch of craftsmanship and authenticity to each piece. This process involves skilled artisans meticulously shaping and texturing the brass by hand, resulting in a truly unique, organic feel. The hammered finish not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the hardware but also adds character and warmth to any door, making it a standout choice for those seeking an organic touch to their home decor.

Shown Here: Hammered Egg Knob with Rectangular Rosette in Flat Black. Design by @pheinz.


Learn how @JennaSueDesign installed our Privacy Thumbturn Quincy Sideplate (3-3/8" center to center) with the Hammered Egg Knob in Oil Rubbed Bronze.