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Cinder Cabinet Knob

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"Cinder" might usually refer to the remnants of a fire but another culture reference for should be considered first: a princess for your cabinetry, not as an aftermath or afterthought. A Cinder-ella if you will.

A standout feature within the Urban Modern Collection, the Cinder Knob is a distinctive rectangular and stemless design, providing both personality and a unique grip. With a choice of 2 available widths and a variety of 6 exquisite finishes, the Cinder knob offers a remarkable degree of customization to complement contemporary interior styles. This knob embodies the perfect fusion of modern aesthetics and ergonomic functionality, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a touch of urban sophistication in their cabinetry.

Shown Here: Cinder Knob in Satin Brass. Design by @lauraudesigncollective with Photography by Michael Hunter.


A popular design collection that takes industrial elements and blends them with geometric forms to complement a wide range of interior styles.

Available in 6 contemporary finishes.

Freestone Pull

Freestone Extended Pull

Freestone Knob

Freestone T-Knob

Freestone Finger Pull

Mod Hex Pull

Mod Hex Extended Pull

Mod Hex Knob

Mod Hex T-Knob

District Knob

Cinder Knob