Shown: Emtek Rustic Modern Edge Cabinet Pull 4-1/2 inch cc Tumbled White Bronze TWB

Rustic Modern Cabinet Edge Pull

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A contemporary design in a rustic material, this solid bronze collection would be as perfect a fit in a city apartment or a mountain retreat. The Rustic Modern Collection includes 5 new cabinet hardware pieces in a range of sizes, all available in Emtek’s 3 Bronze finishes.

The Rustic Modern Cabinet Edge Pull comes in 3 overall lengths and has a sleek, minimalist look for flat fronted cabinets.


Our collection of Sandcast Bronze knobs, levers and cabinet hardware options are made of a metal alloy that consists mostly of copper and is made to patina over time, creating a "living" finish that showcases exposure and wear patterns for a unique appearance.

The Bronze Age, a historic period between 3300 BC and 1200 BC, was significant for its use of this material.