Shown: Emtek Button Tips for Residential Duty Brass Hinges in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Button Hinge Tips

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What Exactly is a Hinge Tip?

Hinge tips, also known as hinge finials or hinge pins, can be a fun and decorative or historically accurate feature to add to the tops and bottoms of your hinges.

  • They can provide an aesthetic enhancement to improve the overall appearance of the hinge and the door. They come in various designs and finishes to complement the style of the application and provide an elegant or ornamental touch.
  • Hinge tips can hide the screws or fasteners used to attach the hinge to the door frame or cabinet. This creates a cleaner and more polished appearance by concealing the hardware and reducing its visibility.
  • Emtek's hinge tips work with solid brass hinges and simply screw on.