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Modern Rectangular Top Mount Hanger

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  • Includes 1 pair Hangers with Wheels, Stops, Fasteners, Anti-Jump Mechanism, and Floor Guide
  • Available track lengths: 5', 6'6", 8', 10', 13', and 16'
  • Additional hanger kit available for double door (DD) application
  • Soft Open/Close Kit optional
  • For pricing information, contact any EMTEK® dealer

  • - The wall or structure that your system will be mounted on must be designed to support a maximum door weight of 400 lbs.


Track Length (ft.)
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How to Order Barn Door Hardware

  • Choose your hanger style: Modern Rectangular Face Mount, Modern Rectangular Top Mount, Classic Top Mount or Classic Face Mount
  • Select your track length: 5', 6'-6", 8', 10', 13' or 16"
  • Choose your wheel style: Solid or Spoked
  • Choose your fastener style: Flat or Classic
  • Pick your finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze (US10B), Flat Black (US19), Brushed Stainless Steel (SSS)
  • Optional: Soft Open/Close

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