Shown: Emtek Helios Lever Oil Rubbed Bronze US10B

Helios Lever

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  • Can be ordered with any Brass rosette
  • Sold as complete set. Includes Latch and Strike Plate
  • 28 Degree Latch is available for additional charge
  • For pricing information, contact any Emtek® dealer

Available Functions

  • Single Sided Dummy
  • Thumbturn Privacy Bolt
  • Privacy
  • Passage
  • Dummy

Available Upgrades

  • 28 Degree Latch
  • Concealed Fastener (includes 28 degree latch)
  • Fits any door between 1-3/8” to 2-1/4" thick with a 2-1/8" bore standard door prep*
  • Standard latch is for 2-3/8" backset. Specify 2-3/4" backset if required

* STRETTO rosette requires a 1-1/4” diameter bore hole and 2-hole door preparation for thumbturn privacy



Chic and Versatile

Classic and very popular, Emtek's Helios Lever provides a modern, no-frills and versatile profile that pairs well with traditional and contemporary rosette styles.

I can say with 100% certainty that picking out hardware was the trickiest part of building our home, but was made 1000% easier by Emtek. The Emtek team guided me through what hardware items I needed, what my options were, what it meant for a door knob to be “left-handed” vs. “right-handed” and how to order everything to make sure it worked with our doors and cabinets. I am so very grateful for them and in love with all of our products. I would absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend them and use them again!

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Upgrade With Concealed Fastener 2.0

Our Concealed Fastener Mechanism provides a clean look with no visible screws on the interior rosette.

All CF Mechanism lever upgrades also include a 28 degree latch (vs the standard 45 degree latch), which requires less rotation to disengage the latch and open a door when compared to standard latches.


To determine the handing of your door:

  • Stand at the exterior side of the door in question, facing towards the inside.
  • Take note of which side of the door the hinges are on.
    • If the hinges are on the left side, then the door and the hardware should be left handed.
    • If the hinges are on the right side, then the door and the hardware should be right handed.

Learn more about handing here:

Understanding Handing