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Shown: Emtek Keaton Cabinet Pull 3-1/2 inch cc Oil Rubbed Bronze US10B

Keaton Cabinet Pull

Finishes (6)
Satin Brass
Center-to-Center (in.) (7)
12″ center to center
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Center-to-Center (in.)

Buster, Keaton

The Keaton Cabinet Pull, Appliance Pull and Finger Pull, from Emtek's Modern Rectangular collection, offer a blocky, contemporary design solution for cabinets and drawers. With 7 different pull sizes (plus 2 appliance pull and 1 finger knob option) and a choice of 6 finishes, these pulls provide ample versatility for various design preferences. Their sleek and minimalist appearance makes the Keaton pulls a stylish choice for those looking to achieve a clean and modern look in their interior spaces.

Modern Rectangular Cabinet Hardware Collection

This quadratic collection showcases a boldly modern aesthetic, with a beveled underside detail that highlights and provides a comfortable hand-feel.

With pulls available in both a slim and wide profile, as well as corresponding appliance pull options, the Modern Rectangular Cabinet Hardware Collection comes in all 6 of Emtek's Modern finishes.

Allerton Cabinet Knob

Hunter Cabinet Knob

Keaton Finger Pull

Keaton Cabinet Pull

Warwick Cabinet Pull

Warwick Appliance Pull

Keaton Appliance Pull