Shown: Emtek Modern Backplate for Knob 4 x 1 inch Satin Brass US4

Modern Cabinet Backplate for Knob

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  • Sold as Back Plate only
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Size incompatible with: Ring Knob, Cinder Knob, District Knob, Juneau Crystal Knob, Grayson Crystal Knob, Forza Crystal Knob, Georgetown Crystal Knob, Hampton Crystal Knob, Bristol Crystal Knob, Brookmont Crystal Knob, Lido Crystal Knob, and Old Town Crystal Knob.

Finish incompatible with Satin Brass (US4): Globe Knob, Cone Knob, Metric Knob, Finger Pull, Trail Knob, Bar Knob, Square Dimpled Knob, and Round Dimpled Knob.

Fit incompatible with Knobs (Bottom alignment spikes must be removed with a file): Allerton Knob, Hunter Knob, Warwick T-Knob, Keaton Finger Pull, Freestone Finger Pull, Freestone T-Knob, Mod Hex T-Knob.