Shown: Emtek Mod Hex Appliance Pull 18 inch Flat Black US19

Mod Hex Appliance Pull

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Urban Modern Appliance Pulls

The Mod Hex and Freestone Appliance Pull designs from Emtek's popular Urban Modern Collection are available in 12" and 18" center-to-center pulls. With optional Concealed Fastener or Back-to-Back mounting, they are just as much at home as a door pull as they are on a paneled kitchen appliance.


A popular design collection that takes industrial elements and blends them with geometric forms to complement a wide range of interior styles. Available in 6 contemporary finishes.

  • Freestone Pull and Freestone Extended Pull
  • Freestone Knob
  • Freestone T-Knob and Freestone Finger Pull
  • Mod Hex Pull and Mod Hex Extended Pull
  • Mod Hex Knob and Mod Hex T-Knob
  • District Knob
  • Cinder Knob