Shown: Emtek Bar Appliance Pull 12 inch cc Oil Rubbed Bronze US10B

Bar Appliance Pull

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Emtek's Bar Pull is a stylish and functional cabinet hardware choice that combines modern design with a classic T-bar shape in 7 brass finish options. With 10 different size options, plus 2 appliance pull versions, it offers a solution for a wide range of design preferences and cabinet dimensions. Its classic bar pull shape and size make it a reliable choice for those seeking a classic contemporary in their kitchen or bathroom.

Shown here: Bar Appliance Pull in Flat Black. Design and hand modeling by Alykhan Velji Designs.

Hope Rollins of Sherpa Consulting demonstrates how Emtek brought her first home together:
"From the large pulls to hidden pulls in the kitchen to bathroom to barn door to bedroom, pretty much anything your hand goes to touch in my house is gonna be Emtek. It's so solid, it matches all my other fixtures in such unique ways and I just feel like its the icing on the cake that catches everyone's eye and has added such a personal touch for me. I've been able to mix the pieces I needed for each room and looking back, it finished the entire project-- I wouldn't have done it any other way."