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Residential Duty Stainless Steel, Plain Bearing Hinge

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  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Hinges
  • Sold in Pairs, includes screws
  • For pricing information, contact any Emtek® dealer

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Residential Hinges:

  • Designed for typical interior doors. Lower load-bearing capacity and are suitable for doors that are not excessively heavy or frequently used.
  • Generally less robust and may have a shorter lifespan when subjected to heavy use. More suitable for the relatively low-stress conditions.
  • May be made from steel, brass, or other materials, and they often feature decorative finishes. Designed to blend with the aesthetics of a home.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior residential doors, and other low-traffic areas in homes.

Plain Bearing Hinges:

  • A simple and cost-effective design. Consist of a simple, unsealed, and non-friction-reducing pin that rotates within the hinge knuckles. Design does not incorporate any additional bearings or mechanisms to reduce friction.
  • Do not provide the same level of smooth operation and long-term durability as ball bearing hinges. More susceptible to wear and friction, which can lead to squeaking.
  • Generally suitable for doors with standard weight and usage. Often used in residential and light commercial applications.
  • May require more frequent maintenance, such as lubrication, to prevent wear and ensure smooth operation


To determine the type of radius corner present on a pre-hung door, use the following guidelines: