Shown: Type KG Display

Type KG Display

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Select Lever Showcase Display

A display designed to showcase the features of our select lever program


  • Tribeca Handle T-Bar Stem with Urban Modern Rosette, Finish US14
  • Straight Knurled Handle L-Square Stem with Modern Rectangular Rosette, Finish US15
  • Faceted Handles/US4, R-Bar/US19 with Square Rosette/US19


  • White Marble Handle T-Bar with Disk Rosette, Finish US19
  • Knurled Handle L-Square Stem with Square Rosette, Finish US4
  • Hammered Handle R-Bar Stem with Wilshire Rosette, Finish US3NL

Optional Select Handles Included:

  • Straight Knurled Handles, US19
  • Knurled Handles, US4
  • Tribeca Handles, US26
  • Knurled Handles, US19
  • Marble Handles
  • Tribeca Handles, US10B
  • Straight Knurled, US4
  • Faceted Handles, US15

Display Size: W: 8" x H: 23"