Color has power. We respond to colors in ways that are unrealized, a subliminal reaction to external stimuli. Restaurants often chose red because it has been believed to make people more hungry. Shades of blue are thought to reduce stress and anxiety and lower blood pressure. While not everyone is affected the same way, scientists have long made study of the way color can affect our moods and reflect our personality. It follows that picking the colors for your home design is an important task.

Let's take a look at this example of Emtek's Wilshire entry set in oil rubbed bronze paired with three different door colors. The same hardware in one finish has a completely different feel with each color choice.

First, let's look at red:

This color is bold and eye catching. The color red has the ability to increase your heart and breathing rate; it is stimulating and energizing. What about the personality of someone who chooses to paint his/her front door in such a vivid color? What does it say to guests and passersby as they approach the door? In Chinese culture, red represents good fortune and joy. Perhaps a bold front door tells guests that they are walking into a joyous home, filled gregarious people who are filled with life. A bright color for energized people.


Next, a beautiful blue:

As previously mentioned, blue is the color of calm. It reduces anxiety and stress. On this more gentle color, the Wilshire has a chance to stand out much more than on the red door. The simple beauty of its geometric lines draw the eye. And what of the person who chooses this blue? Imagine a peaceful household full of warmth and love. Put a hand on the door handle and open it to the smell of freshly baked bread. Close your eyes - what does blue make you feel?


The ingenuity of green:

At first glance, this green brings out the highlights of the oil rubbed bronze finish. The small flashes of brass shine against this color. Green is the color of ingenuity and learning. "Geniuses pick green," said Robert DeNiro in Meet The Parents. Scientists have found that a room painted green can actually improve a child's learning speed and retention. So, what is the home with a green door? A family gathered around a Scrabble board? Mom and Dad are always sure to include story time before bed to instill a love of reading and imagination. What do you see for green?


The colors you choose for your home are more than just a style choice. They have the power of subtle influence - peace, energy, ingenuity. The color you choose can reflect who you are. Next time you head to the paint store, don't be afraid to pick a color that lets YOU stand out.

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