Simon’s Hardware was founded in 1908, and is New York City’s oldest decorative hardware store. Still in its original 3rd Avenue location, Simon’s distributes decorative and functional hardware plus decorative plumbing fixtures from luxury manufacturers.

When you step into Simon's Hardware in New York City, you are immediately surrounded by beautifully crafted luxury hardware. You can interact with the Emtek display and mix and match levers, knobs, and rosettes to mock-up your dream hardware combination.

You can also see the House of Rohl brands and their stunning displays. A house of 7 brands, including Emtek and Schaub, the House of Rohl also offers:

  • Perrin & Rowe - Crafted in England, Perrin & Rowe designs juxtapose reinterpretations of the past with novel styles of the present.
  • Riobel - Originating in Quebec, Riobel combines European panache with North American flair.
  • Shaws - Since their founding in England in 1897, Shaws' fireclay sinks are made by hand by a single master craftsman. Fired at higher temperatures, Shaws are still in use in 100-year-old English homes.
  • ROHL - Faucets and fixtures with refined sensibility and unique provenance to elevate kitchens and baths to authentic luxury.
  • Victoria + Albert - Victoria + Albert baths are works of art: sculptural forms that transform any space into a luxurious sanctuary. Individually hand-polished in South Africa, their silhouettes are shaped to complement the body for a truly indulgent experience.

Simon's Hardware Location

421 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

(212) 532-9220