Have you heard that Emtek products are customizable? We hope so; our website has a new product selector, which allows you to mix and match passage and privacy knobs, levers, and rosettes. You can even see what your chosen pairing will look like in a variety of finishes. But is there more you can do with Emtek products? How can you design to your taste, exactly?  In this post, we’d like to take you a little more behind the scenes and show you how Emtek works, the difference our process makes, and why it will matter to you.

How do you buy door hardware? Do you go to store and take home what’s on the shelf? We have a different way of doing things at Emtek. Our products are found at hardware stores and dealer showrooms around the United States and Canada. We provide our dealers with beautiful displays that show the different styles of products we make, but here’s the thing….you don’t have to order anything the way you see it!

Simply said, we don’t put the hardware together until you order it. Because we make every product to order, we have the freedom to make it just the way you want. Do you want a lever on the outside of the door, but prefer an egg knob for the interior? Not a problem. How about a brass lever with a satin nickel rosette? Sure, we’ll get that ready for you!

You may have some reservations about making a custom order, thinking to yourself, “Am I going to have to wait six weeks for that?” You may have even had such an experience in the past with other companies. There’s usually extra cost and a long wait for a custom order. That’s the difference our process makes! Every order is a custom order, so we’re quick, and proficient (but thorough) at assembling it. We usually ship to your dealer within 48 hours; there's  no extra charge for customization at Emtek.

So, why does this matter to you? You’ll never again have to settle for what you see on display. Mix and match until it’s just the way you envisioned. That’s how we help you Design To Your Taste.

You design it. We’ll make it. With no extra charge or waiting.

That’s the way we’ve always done it at Emtek, and always will.

Until next time,

Your Friends at Emtek

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