As Kermit the Frog once said, “It’s not easy being green,” however, while it is hard, being green is most definitely worth the effort. The word “green” is used everywhere today, from building homes with solar panels to recycling yogurt cups. Preservation of our environment and the ways to contribute to the effort take many forms. For Emtek, being green has meant making every effort to recycle the excess of any materials we use in the process of creating high quality door hardware and accessories.

Over the past year, Emtek has gone beyond compliance with local standards and attempted to do something greater. Thanks to an aggressive recycling effort, Emtek was able to keep the following amount of materials out of landfills:

13.5 tons of brass
16.1 tons of mixed brass
8.5 tons of bronze
10.5 tons of steel
13.3 tons of aluminum
54 tons of corrugated cardboard
15.6 tons of paper
1 tons of plastics

Grand total: 78+ Tons of Materials

Emtek’s dedication to being green will be a long term endeavor. As Vice President of Manufacturing, Birk Sorensen explains it, one of the reasons Emtek has begun this process is for the “pure sustainability of lowering our carbon footprint. All packaging for Emtek products is made from 65% recycled materials, which, in turn, can be recycled by the customer.”

Beyond keeping hard materials out of landfills, Emtek has made changes that people across the world are making within their own homes, such as changing out standard florescent bulbs for more energy efficient lighting. Emtek was also able to reduce natural gas consumption by 30% by finding ways to run our manufacturing curing ovens more efficiently.

Bit by bit, one step at a time, we each can make changes that can help and contribute to preserving the planet in which we live. Emtek is proud to be part of the effort.