Shown: Stainless Steel Low Profile Concealed Wheel Hanger

Stainless Steel Low Profile Concealed Wheel Hanger

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Floor guide</li>

  • Length of track
  • Anti-jump mechanism
  • Soft open/close kit (Optional)

Introducing Emtek's latest innovation – the Low Profile Concealed Barn Door Hardware. Designed for the modern home, this product takes contemporary design to new heights by concealing the screws and wheels for a clean, minimalist look. Our low-profile design not only enhances style but also provides extra clearance for tight spaces, making it ideal for various applications.
Flat Black Finish

Product Information

  • Includes 1 pair Hangers with Wheels, Stops, Fasteners, Anti-Jump Mechanism, and Floor Guide
  • Available track lengths: 5', 6'6", 8', 10', 13', and 16'
  • Additional hanger kit available for double door (DD) application
  • Soft Open/Close Kit optional
  • For pricing information, contact any EMTEK® dealer

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