Shown: Emtek Missoula 9 inch NonKeyed Sideplate Round Knob Flat Black FB

Sandcast Missoula Non-keyed 9" Overall Sideplate Lock

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  • Can be ordered with any Sandcast Bronze Knob or Lever
  • Sold as complete set. Includes Knob or Lever, Latch and Strike Plate
  • For pricing information, contact any Emtek® dealer

Available Functions

  • Privacy
  • Passage
  • Dummy
  • Standard 2-1/8" Door Prep
  • Standard latch is for 2-3/8" backset. Specify 2-3/4" backset if required
  • Handing required for Lever Set


    Knob and Lever


    The Missoula Sideplate Lock draws inspiration from the rugged beauty of Missoula, Montana, and seamlessly marries a rustic, modern aesthetic with seamless functionality. Offered in three exquisite bronze finishes, this lock not only exudes a chic sensibility but also embodies the strength of natural materials in its ever-evoling "living" patina. With its thoughtful design and nod to Missoula's character, the Missoula sideplate lock serves as both a secure and stylish choice for those seeking to infuse their doors with a hint of rustic charm and contemporary design.

    Shown here: Missoula Sideplate with Round Knob in Tumbled White Bronze. Design by Mollie of@designlovesdetail and Photography by Travis J Photography.


    Our collection of Sandcast Bronze knobs, levers and cabinet hardware options are made of a metal alloy that consists mostly of copper and is made to patina over time, creating a "living" finish that showcases exposure and wear patterns for a unique appearance.

    The Bronze Age, a historic period between 3300 BC and 1200 BC, was significant for its use of this material.

    What exactly is a "Sideplate"?

    Emtek's Sideplate styles are an alternative to a standard rosette. They offer a taller backplate option, akin in size and style to a vintage interior mortise box lock that is common in older homes. Our sideplate options are a modern take on that original inspiration-- not just in updated style but with a more contemporary tubular latch. They can be paired with any knob or lever style and are also offered with locking options, as keyed sideplate styles or as One Point and Two Point locks.

    Shown here with the Modern Sideplate in Flat Black and Select L-Square Knurled Lever in Satin Brass.

    The Emtek knobs and handles I used throughout my home are the Tumbled White Bronze finish, which has a raw natural look to it as well– this organic style is part of how I accomplished the more timeless feel– natural elements are part of what I think give a timeless, high quality style that can stand the test of time.... It’s honestly my favorite!

    Mollie of Design Loves DetailSee more of Mollie's Projects