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Shown: Emtek Surface Bolts 6 inch Tumbled White Bronze TWB

Surface Bolts

Finishes (12)
Medium Bronze
Overall Length (in.) (5)
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  • Sold as complete set
  • Includes 3 types of strikeplates and screws
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Overall Length (in.)

Surface Bolts

Emtek's solid brass surface bolts are a stylish and durable solution for securing doors, cabinets or windows. Crafted from high-quality solid brass, these surface bolts provide a reliable and elegant way to enhance security while adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

Available in 5 lengths from 6" to 24" and in 12 different finishes, Emtek's surface bolts seamlessly blend with any architectural design.

Mounting Hardware

Supplied with 3 types of strike plates, matching finish screws and mounting hardware. This includes a lip strike, a mortise strike and an angle strike.