Shown: Emtek Modern Rectangular Knurled Flush Pull with Plain Pocket 4 inch Pewter US15A

Modern Rectangular Knurled Flush Pull with Plain Pocket

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Texture You Can Really Grasp

Make a statement with Emtek’s new Modern Rectangular Knurled Flush Pulls. This chic style comes with a smooth interior, 10 brass finishes and in 2 size options: 4" and 7". Each solid brass pull can be used in a variety of applications, from pocket doors and barn doors to closet doors and cabinets. The cross-hatch knurling texture suites well with our knurled Select cabinet and door products or can add a special and unique touch on its own.

We don't play favorites but the cross-hatch texture looks especially blingy with polished and/or gold brass finishes.

New Finishes Available!

Emtek’s Modern Rectangular Knurled Flush Pulls, originally introduced in 2022, are now available in three additional finishes: French Antique (US7), Polished Brass (US3) and Pewter (US15A).

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