Trend Report 2024

2024 is here and it's time for Emtek's annual trend report! We are very excited for what is happening in the world of hardware and interior design as a whole. We are in a time of exploration, innovation, and an appreciation for well-designed, quality pieces. Throughout Emtek's legacy, we have consistently produced timeless pieces while being a leader in modern design, and this year we will continue to do just that! Here's to an inspiring and comforting 2024.

Vintage Vibes

Enduring shapes, traditional finishes.

With the many global changes the past few years, we are seeing an uptick in people returning to the comforts of traditional design and finishes.

These pieces have withstood the test of time and still take our breath away. Timeless and classic, this year we will see a vintage revolution and a return to heirloom-quality hardware.

Photo by: Home with Marieza @homewithmarieza

Textured Finishes

Unique statement pieces are IN for 2024. Textured finishes are eye-catching, interesting, and have a craftsman-like quality to them. Whether you opt for hammered or fluted, textured finishes are a favorite for this year as people are looking to infuse character and points of interest into their home designs.

Natural Materials

With the rise of technology in the home, we are seeing the antithesis of this in design trends. With people looking for a relief from the digital world and an earthly, grounded influence in their homes, the rise of natural materials and textures is pertinent. These natural materials such as marble and terrazzo have an innate luxurious appeal.

The textures and weight of natural materials cannot be fabricated and lend themselves to becoming unique statement pieces that make your hardware really stand out.

Curves for Days

We are seeing a rise in the scallop shape, (dare we say) sexy curves, and rounded edges in the world of interior design. Whether it is in the lighting, accent, or furniture spaces, curves are representative of the new modern age. Hardware trends are following this pattern and the softened curves create a feeling of intention and subtle luxury.

Polished Chrome

Chrome embodies the concept that hardware is the jewelry of the home and we see that it is a finish on the rise in 2024. It is a timeless finish that transcends trends and adds sophistication to any space. Chrome's aesthetic longevity and functional durability makes it an attractive choice for people looking to make a shiny shift in their hardware this year.

Brass is still back

Whether it is unlacquered, polished, satin, or French antique, brass is on the rise and is here to stay. While it is sometimes viewed as an ode to the past, we are certain that brass is a finish that will be a touchstone of this era of hardware trends. Brass gives a feeling of warmth and elegance that will accent any space with the perfect touch of eye-catching splendor.


The biggest takeaway from our trend research this year is that there really are no rules. We are in a time where inspiration is readily accessible and the combinations of design eras, influence, and taste are endless.

What makes this fun is that people are given the opportunity to really refine and embrace their personal style without being bogged down with what's "right". This bodes well for Emtek customers as we have endless combination to choose from to create your perfect hardware- there's really no going wrong!

What We're Cooking up next!

We have lots to share with you this year and next! Come see us in February at the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas for the latest launches and what's to come in 2024.

Or revisit our time at KBIS 2023, featuring our Director of Design & Product Innovation, Will Zhang, and our GM and VP of Luxury Hardware, Steve Kamp.